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Here in my blogs, the first priority will always be for the benefit of the readers. 

ABOUT Northboard


Here in our, ever-changing and fast-paced world, proper wording and grammar is of utmost importance for communication. Whether it be an explanation of how something works, or writing an article to inform others of a field you are an expert in. Language and communication will always be the key to unlocking the full potential of human beings.

Studying naturally isn’t a problem. Applying it, however, is more of a step-up. With today’s technology, you no longer need to double check your grammar or the way you write the old-fashioned way. New tools and applications are getting released every month, that will certainly help you level up your writing skills.

The Writer

Samantha T. Logan

My name is Samantha T. Logan, I’m a 44 year old English teacher at a local high school here in East North port, New York. I’ve been teaching for around 20 years now. I’m happily married to my husband Tom. and I have a little one, Trevor, 7. My husband is also an English teacher. We both love reading novels and detective stories. I always have a thing for the mystery in investigative genres. I love how puzzles and mysteries are always solved through communicating with each other and understanding the root of the problem. Maybe this is why I started out blogging and reaching out to more people, as i want to carry out my passion for language and communication not just in the classroom, but to the worlds as well

I started writing blogs and reviews of tools, when a student of mine asked if he could use this Grammarly to check his essay’s tone and style. This is one of those times where I was still a bit of a stranger when it comes to new tech. So, I got curious and went on the internet to check out these so called “writing tools”. I was skeptical at first, but as time goes on, I was slowly enticed by how these applications made writing so easy!

But don’t get me wrong, Not all of these tools are of high quality, some are a bit bland with suggestions, and some are just plain incorrect. That’s why I made a hobby out of reviewing and trying out this industry.

Today I have over 4 blogs that review different writing and reading tools. I lay out the pros and cons of each one, and tell you my thoughts on the quality of, how it analyzes your writing, how good the word suggestions are, and how it generally levels up the tone of your writing.

The Reviews

The Reviews

I hold a fair judgement and reviews to any tools that I write about. If I see something that is wrong or needs fixing, I will point it out, no fuss, even if it’s an affiliate program that I’m writing for. This way my readers can be assured that I’m not just recommending products just because I’m getting a commission when you purchase them.

I will try my best, to give you details about every nook and cranny, and explore how these tools will help you. I also post tips and tricks on how to naturally assess and re-write some of your essays.

The Goal

The Goal

Here in my blogs, the first priority will always be for the benefit of the readers. Sure making money on the side is something that comes with it, but my goal will always be to provide information and reviews so that my viewers can make an informed decision when purchasing these tools.

Second is, to provide knowledge through my experiences teaching and using these tools, so that there will be a time that my readers can stop depending on assistance from AI bots or applications. Independent and natural writing is something that I will always hope for my readers.